Why Locked Liquidity Is Absolutely Critical To Moon Missions

Do Not Ape (DNA)
5 min readApr 24, 2021

If you’ve ever been on a moon mission you know the exhilarating feeling. The highs get higher, the lows get higher, your bags swell to the size of King Kong’s ball sacks and even Godzilla’s too.

I remember holding the OG reflectfinance RFI as it took its ride from $50k MCAP to a staggering $20M MCAP. Now nothing compared to new meteoric rises following in the wake of Dogecoin. SAFEMOON should ring a bell.

What do all these projects have in common? You guessed it.


There are a variety of ways to lock liquidity but we are going to focus on BSC and in particular Unicrypt.

Unicrypt is the go to for all major BSC projects. Thus it garners a massive reputation. On top of this, it requires a 1 BNB fee. This means that poor village scammers cannot possibly afford it let alone would want to waste ill gotten gains on it.

I’m sure most of you already know, but to lay it out there for the uninitiated. Locked Liquidty prevents the most common form of rug: DEVS PULLING LP TOKENS.

Thus when liquidity is locked. Confidence in the project skyrockets. And confidence is the key ingredient to any moon mission.

In fact, you will often seen apes clamor and even DEMAND the devs lock liquidity before they put a cent in the project. The pressure swells and finally once the project is locked, members scramble to check the TX to confirm its true. Waiting… loading… then finally! Confirmation and the pump begins!

DISASTER. But often times in the confusion, it is too late. You get smacked in the face with a green dildo. Waving goodbye to your friends who are already on the rocket fading in the distance.

What if you could skip the chaos and be notified as soon a project officially locks their liquidity? Before the devs even notify their own group? As soon as they click CONFIRM?


SAFULOCK_BOT sends alerts to telegram when a project interacts with the Unicrypt Locking Contract.

This means that as soon as a new project locks its liquidity on Unicrypt YOU WILL BE AMONG THE FIRST TO KNOW.

Since I have to explain this over and over again despite how simple it is:

STEP 1: see the alert
STEP 2: click the poocoin link
STEP 3: check the MCAP, graph, holders, find the TG
STEP 4: decide if its legit
STEP 5: ape
STEP 6: profit

EDIT: additional step is to copy and paste the entire contract into this tool to tell you if it’s a rug contract.

I know many of you degens will skip STEP 3 & 4, but at least check if its a new project. REMEMBER it is any project that interacts with the locking contract. This means that existing huge projects will show up in the alert when they make updates. I estimate about half of the alerts are potentially great opportunities. DYOR DYOR DYOR.


I’m reiterating this point again because I know so many of you guys will cry in the chat.

PLEASE REMEMBER. SAFELOCK_BOT sends alerts for any project that interacts with the Unicrypt Locking Contract.

NOT ALL ALERTS ARE GOOD BUYS. It is simply a signal which tells you it is potentially a brand new project locking its liquidity. I estimate up about 50% are great candidates for aping.


I knew I was on to something when I was checking the contract manually and found LUNAR. An immediate100x on my initial bags. The project was so small initially I had to buy tiny chunks at a time just to get even 1 BNB total invested into the project.

I have since cataloged and in 2 days time these labeled in green were at least 2x, but usually around 5x, and some as high as 10–20x. RugBiden I sold way too early making 5x, and it would have been 25x. I’ll never make that mistake again. Always hold a moonbag for boys even if its small. It’s what I like to call an emotional hedge.

After posting this to the DNA group, I found I missed on some when I was eating dinner or sleeping, so 4 or 5 more of those should be green.

There are some duplicates as I was still testing the bot.

Example Alert In Chat

I encourage you to join the chat and as with all your tokens, I invite you to DYOR on DO NOT APE.

How To Get SAFULOCK_BOT Alerts?

As of writing 4/24 SAFULOCK_BOT posts automatically to the main DNA chat on Telegram Do Not Ape (DNA)

A new announcement channel will be created and link will be updated (HERE)

Currently SAFULOCK_BOT Alerts are FREE.

Future SAFULOCK_BOT Developments

  • Will be gated in a VIP group where you will be required to hold DNA to access
  • A free signal will still pass but with a delay
  • Will begin to include other signals other than Unicrypt, but it is the strongest. We had DxSale integrated but rolled it back since it included some bad contracts and project quality there is not great.

Please read the first Medium Post to truly understand the vision we have here and the potential our DNA community has. It takes every one of us together to make us the most profitable community out there. LFG.

As always, DYOR. And good luck out there in the wasteland.

— systemshock2