We Are 1 Month Old: DoNotApe $DNA VIP Testimonials

Do Not Ape (DNA)
4 min readMay 26, 2021

One month has passed since this experimental project has launched. As I relock LP for 6 more months what can I say except that my expectations have been FAR FAR exceeded. I am humbled by the knowledge and experience each member beings to the table, and honored to be part of one of the most profitable communities in crypto. It’s a far cry from the degen, toxic chats that litter Telegram. $DNA is an oasis in the vast crypto wasteland. A refuge for those who seek truth and a place to hone and develop real ape skills. And I’ll also add, that it is only the beginning…

The amount of members messaging me to tell me of their success in the group have gotten me beyond pumped- some true rags to riches stories here and life changing gains for members and their families. I am truly in awe. I feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that the army grows strong, that many have become leaders in their own right, bringing fortune and wealth to those around them.

If you are new this post is for you: To see the power of $DNA alerts and the hive mind community. I really don’t think you can have one without the other. Timely data is a great weapon, but it can be a double edged sword. The vetting process of the VIP Front Line is tireless and is both a confirmation signal in itself and a hands-on learning battleground. I have seen absolute whiny noobs transformed into battle-hardened samurai. I have also seen already great apes simply add a sharpened blade to their arsenal.

This past dip has given me a lot of time to reflect and plan the next phase of $DNA and it is in my opinion that the bull run is far from over. If we can achieve this in 1 month, imagine what we can do in a 6–9 month bull run. The time is now, and I truly believe it’s once in a lifetime. I have made it my personal mission to provide as many signals across all chains as I can. To do my part in helping us all APE SMARTER. More on this later.

I wonder where we will be looking back at this smashing success of a first month. (!remind me in 6 months)

Now I’ll let the testimonials speak for themselves… (VIP group is 209 strong at time of writing)

As always, DYOR. And good luck out there in the wasteland.

— systemshock2

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