Tired of getting RUGGED? It’s time for degen apes to EVOLVE.

Do Not Ape (DNA)
4 min readApr 24, 2021

DO NOT APE started out as a humble joke coin and has quickly evolved into an intelligence tool utility platform. I am truly shocked at how far it has come along from having ZERO expectations.

DO NOT APE believes that armed with the proper information in timely fashion, we can DRASTICALLY increase our odds of that elusive 5x, 10x, 50x and beyond.

Have you found yourself frantically scanning the poocoin’s new contract list as it barrels through 10–20 contracts at a time? 99% of which are scam coins?

Have you held bags, watching the charts zoom, fearing that it could be rugged at any time?

Have you BEEN RUGGED? Felt the agony and despair wash over you. The shame, the droning “I should have sold, I should have sold earlier. Why, why, why…”

Have you looked in the mirror and realized there was a DEGEN APE staring right back at you? — A once respectable member of society, now a manic/sleep deprived/lost soul wandering the shitcoin wasteland.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And repeat after me — DO NOT APE. DO NOT APE. DO NOT APE.

ROADMAP (The Tools Trinity)

I proudly present our first three tools to kick off our launch:


A powerful alert bot that notifies you when projects lock their liquidity. Why is this important? Find out in the next medium post. If you haven’t figured it out already, this tool is LIVE NOW and I think it will blow you away. Results and screenshots to be posted. (Will update the link HERE)


Any project needs an army of the willing. A sea of loyal hodlers that swarm telegrams, twitter accounts, youtube channels, reddit and 4chan alike. SHILLKIT is a boosting service that arms any project with the ability to shoot to the top.

Want your YT COMMENT to show up at the top so every viewer tuning into their favorite crypto youtuber sees it first?

Want your REDDIT POST to trend hotter than the fires of Mordor?

With SHILLKIT, a boosting dashboard, shillers don’t go into battle wearing cardboard boxes. They go in miniguns blazing wearing space marine power armor riding tomahawk cruise missiles like sandworms from HELL.


This tool is for the truly dedicated apes. Developed after I spent countless sleepless nights finding under-hyped projects through etherscan. A very profitable strategy, but very time consuming.

Moonfeed is an API that locates all projects of a specific market cap size for the user to sift through, like a gold miner panning the rivers in California.

Some projects have the smartest nerdiest devs in the game, but they don’t have an ounce of marketing ability or showmanship. All their points were put into Intelligence & Science. None into Charisma or Speech. These projects linger on for weeks sometimes MONTHS undiscovered. These are truly diamonds in the rough.

This requires the most effort to use of the three, but with the help of the DNA community (informally the Sherlock Apes) all moonfeed data will be the subject of crowd analysis. The fruits of labor shared with our clan members!

What’s To Come

The DO NOT APE token (DNA) will be critical to access these tools. In partnership with collab.land we will be gating VIP TG groups for these tools and respective members.

This means you will need to hold a certain amount of DNA to access the groups, tools and alerts.

Penniless and begging for BNB? HAVE NO FEAR. Our mission is to provide valuable information to ALL APES. The public TG will still get updates and information, but ON A DELAY.

This, I hope for you who have your wits about you, is where the REAL MAGIC happens.

The signals from these tools will get pushed out to a network of 2nd tier intelligence outlets and spread out like a wildfire. What does this mean?


  1. DNA holders will be the FIRST to know, and thus able to pack bags FIRST.
  2. As DNA grows, it will become more and more expensive to buy and hold DNA to access the alerts. Guess whos bags benefit.

If there’s one thing I am unflinching on, it is that those who are early DESERVE TO BE REWARDED. ALWAYS. FULL STOP.

You get the picture.

As always, DYOR. And good luck out there in the wasteland.

— systemshock2