Mega-Update: The Night Is Darkest Before The Dawn

Do Not Ape (DNA)
4 min readJun 2, 2021

As the blood in the streets starts to wash away, many of us are still left wondering if the worst is over. A seeming lull in the market is keeping ape opportunities quite scarce. New projects just don’t seem to moon as hard as they used to. Scams seem more rampant than ever. Is the party over? We scan the dark skies for a glimmer of hope.

While no one can predict the future I do believe the market top is still to come and we are in an extended Bull Market (see Benjamin Cowen). And so… this dip has had a hidden benefit of allowing me to get some real work done on the DNA infrastructure. I thought I’d use this opportunity to briefly share some details on what’s in store in the coming weeks:

DNA Website Overhaul & Wiki — A much needed website update and branding overhaul will be rolled out, connecting all the pieces of the budding DNA ecosystem. A wiki will be added as well to start cataloging the vast knowledge of our veteran members.

DNA Discord Beta — The Discord is live but is not open to the public. It is in very early testing phases currently with standard bot calls. There will be a full post on this, but essentially it will contain every single signal, information resource, and piece of data in the DNA arsenal. Grabbing a quick screenshot:

DNA Launchpad Type 1: Charity Tokens — The first DNA admin token partnership is actually live as of writing. It is a bit stealth, but if you are in the VIP, you are probably already in the know. A more detailed announcement to follow when I make my dedicated Launchpad Medium Post.

DNA Launchpad Type 2: Signal Watchmen — The backbone of the launchpad will be token concepts wrapped around specific signal types and/or Web3 dashboards. The vision is to create a network of data driven projects that offer utility but also maximum pumpamentals. Again, there will be more on this later.

Shill Kit Tool — The Essential Tool For Moon Missions— The official Alpha version 1 is now LIVE at and companion guide/FAQ at A full post on this will be coming as well. There are currently 4 modules: Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok boosting. I invite you to give it a spin! (If you had an old account on the Beta with balance, make a new account, PM me and I will add those funds to your new account.)

BONUS: Any DNA VIP member can PM me directly to get $20 credit to a new account.

Sure, things are not as rosy as they once were. The thrill of the chase has seems to have lost it’s appeal- for now. But fear not. There is a bit of tunnel vision that must be shaken off. A renewed perspective that must be struck.

The liquidity lock alerts were only the first of hundreds of alerts across dozens of chains. It is but the very tip of the iceberg. The beauty of crypto is that the depth of what is possible is infinite, and there are always more opportunities around the corner. Expand your thinking and expand your expectations. As you evolve your ape skills, DNA evolves right there with you. GET PUMPED.

There are many roads that to lead to Rome. And for my DNA fam, I have made it my job to build as many I can. May you find the road for you.

As always, DYOR. And good luck out there in the wasteland.

— systemshock2