DNAv2: On-Chain Intelligence Evolved

Do Not Ape (DNA)
3 min readAug 31, 2021

Well… It’s been awhile boys. The game has changed once again. I have been busy expanding the team and recruiting a top level dev. NFT’s have taken up a significant amount of my time the past month. And now with the coming of the second leg of the bull run, it is time to ASSEMBLE. I fully expect Q4 to be filled with insane fireworks. Old tricks aren’t gonna cut it.

The Age of DNA Telegram Has Come To An End

I miss the good old days in the TG. But like with everything in life, things come and go. I will always remember our proudest moments and achievements- all the life changing gains. Our eyes opened to a brand new world I could have never imagined.

My prognosis on the first era of DNA is that BSC was the single benefactor of the excessive ETH gas prices + the first leg of the bull run. It was literally impossible to lose money on any apes during the first month.

Now that has changed. The scams are more rampant than oxygen. All the legit projects are migrating back to ETH or to the vast array of new ETH-competitors- Cardano is about to launch their highly anticipated smart contracts, one with I am very excited about too. Today, Solana continues its meteoric rise while the rest of the market has a correction. FTM, KCS, and my personal favorite AVAX also are in the race. I’m missing many others, along with the many layer 2’s like Polygon.

If that wasn’t overwhelming enough, a NFT tidal wave is sweeping the crytpoverse. The most recent wave is now in a swell and looks to break wave again. What kind of ridiculous floor price will we see for BAYC, Fidenzas, or goddamn Etherrocks?

Telegram is simply not equipped to handle this increased complexity. The game is not so simple anymore. There is one constant that I have still made my mission to provide. It’s that DNA will continually evolve to give us that crucial edge to WIN. Never forget… “Do not ape. Do not ape.” DYOR and APE SMARTER. I have seen some of you guys reach insane heights.

DNA Discord Beta Is Almost Here

The Discord will open after the presale and signals will continue to be added accordingly. There will be a queue for signals, and will take suggestions from the community of what will be added next. The roadmap also includes some NFT intelligence channels. And more exciting I think will be curated alpha channels. Imagine a channel that alerts with Pswole and 10 of top crypto callers combined into one.

DNAv2 & Presale

The key to accessing the Discord will be the new DNA token DNAv2. The first version of DNA is actually the very first token I ever made. It is… simply RFI classic and lacks all the critical features needed for a utility token. Due to this shortcoming, I actually made nothing on DNA. I relied on donations to keep everything running, which was barely enough. 10% of the DNAv2 supply will be earmarked for trade in for DNA as a discount for long time holders of DNA. Visit the updated website for details, and get our your spreadsheets to calculate.

DNA Dashboards

One idea I’ve been spouting forever is DNA dashboards. Essentially Moonarch with like group trading stats. I have a dedicated dev to help bring this to life and am very excited for the potential of this. Things like leaderboards, and awards can be linked to this system. The possibilities are endless.

DNA NFT Tribes

In light of the NFT wave, I am starting a new experiment called DNA NFT Tribes. Details to follow.

DNA Launchpad: Artblocks Analytics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (not an ether rock though) you’ve probably heard or at least have seen an Art Blocks NFT. The collection size and historical significance of the Art Blocks movement merits it’s own intelligence signals and tools. This will be made available first to DNA members.

DNA Education/Wiki

As many new ways to ape increase, it will become more and more important to help new users navigate the many pitfalls. A plan to create the necessary incentives to build a knowledge-base will be rolled out likely in Nov/Dec 2021.